The Absurdity of High Expectation

March 2016

30x20x7 in || Mixed media (hard cardboard, hot glue, and acrylic paint)

Inspired by Patrick Hughes' technique of reverse perspective, I was able to create an optical illusion. The reverse perspective is on a three-dimensional surface in which the various part of the image appears farther away than where they are actually, physically at the nearest point. In my intent, while creating this work, I aimed to show the paradox of choice in life. The symmetry of the two rooms is shown as the two directions that represent the choices in life and how our point of view in modern life. The theory is that, when we have so many options, we are not satisfied with our decision.

In spring 2019, I decided to challenge myself to create an interactive 3D model for this optical illusion. Since I always try to improve my art, and with a hope to incorporate art and technology together. I used Unity and Vuforia to create an AR interactive Reverse-Perspective model.
I also created an interactive 3D Web experience by using Blender WebGL.

*Notes: press your mouse in the model then move it around in order to see the effect of the illusion.