Goals of Application:

  • Assists a user in connecting with other people within the area having similar food interests.

  • Gives people, who are new to an area, an open mind to try new cultures through food.

  • Brings security to meet up with new people while exploring new places.

  • Gives an option to people who want to take advantage of restaurant party/group options.

  • Lets users post their food craving plans (location, type of food, description, time) that allow others, who are interested, to reach out.

  • Has a messaging platform for users to get to know each other before meeting up.

  • Shows user's profile with reliable information and reviews.

  • We will use Firebase as our platform to store our user information and create an app from here.

  • The app will be hybrid with IoS and Android using React Native and Firebase.

Check out our Demo:

Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 11 - 2021
Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 11 - 2021

Technology used:

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Food & Culture

Senior Project, to build an app from React Native that allows users from all over the globe to connect through the one thing we can all relate with, food. Food is the gateway to relationships and exploration of new cultures.

Meet the Founders


Diem Dao

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Tsung Wei Wu

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Adam Power

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Adam Nguyen

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Terric Taylor

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